Bolton NICE

Neighbourhood Investment in Community Enterprises

About Us

Registered Charity No 1153205
Our goals are to help and empower the residents of Bolton, without discrimination of sexual orientation, race or other political and religious opinions. By working in partnership with the local authorities, charities and other organisations, we aim to improve and develope life skills and provide training facilities in the interests of social welfare.
We help to develop community and business enterprises, create meaningful opportunities for employment / self employment, work with local inventers, look at ideas and give help and support to develop ideas that create employment opportunities and experience.

Everyone has skills to offer. Give people the chance to develop and use their skills and in return benefit from our skills swap and share scheme. Working together we can make a real difference to peoples lives. It doesn't matter who gets the credit. The important thing is, the person in need gets the help and support to put their lives back on track.We are not offering people a handout, we are offering people a hand up. Find out more about volunteering here.

We are relieving financial hardship by the recycling furniture, clothes and other household items and the provision of community toolboxes for use on community projects.

We work with any organisation or individuals willing to work for the good of the local community. Including:

We provide affordable community transport facilities in Bolton for people who have special need of such facilities because they are elderly, poor or disabled, people with young children or those living in isolated areas where no adequate public transport facilities. Click here to find out more about the servies we provide.