Bolton NICE

Neighbourhood Investment in Community Enterprises


At Bolton Nice, we provide many services for the Bolton community. Some of these include:

Welfare Rights Advice
We offer free confidential and impartial advice on Benefts and tax credits,money and debt,housing,community care,employment, education and training.

Homeless Facilities including a daily emergency foodbank
Homeless men and women are welcome in our community centre. We run a soup kitchen and Drop in cafe we have on site Welfare Rights Advisors, who may be able to help.

Community Bus
We provide affordable community transport in the Bolton area for people who are in special need of such facilities such as disabled people, people with young children who cannot access public transport and people living in isolated areas where there are no adequate public transport facilities. Volunteers drivers and escorts on the community bus.

Community Toolbox
We have setup a Bolton wide community toolbox scheme. With tools and equipment, the local community can create community projects. People or local companies donate tools and equipment for the community toolbox, then our volunteers clean up and repair any donated tools and equipment etc. Our aim is to setup and run community workshop.
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Recycling Services
We collect and recycle anything that can be reused. This can be furniture, household goods, toys, tools etc. In fact we will take anything that we can pass on for free to families and individuals in need. We collect from domestic and industrial sites.
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Community Activities
Allerton Court Community Resourse Centre runs in partnership with Bolton at Home, Bolton Council and other external agencies. Some of our activies include art & crafts, chat sessions, mend and make do courses, DIY for beginners and the Luncheon and social clubs.
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