Bolton NICE

Neighbourhood Investment in Community Enterprises

Community Toolbox, Tool Pool and other Equipment

Give us the tools and we will do the job!

We have setup a Bolton wide community toolbox scheme. With tools and equipment, the local community can create community projects. People or local companies donate tools and equipment for the community toolbox, then our volunteers clean up and repair any donated tools and equipment etc. Our aim is to setup and run community workshop.
We have started to obtain a good supply of tools for community use. We are helping people explore self employment with the loan of tools and equipment. We provide training and a working environment. We accept people on work experience and we are looking to expand the tools and equipment. We need tools and equipment for community use. Even broken or damaged tools in need of repair will help. Our volunteers can pick up from your home or workplace.

We also want to setup a skills swap scheme. We are linking up individuals and groups to help people get self help we also run an open house where all volunteers are welcome. We work on community based schemes.

we also help individuals who may need help and support.

We aim to create a real working environment for people on work experience. We are working in partnership with Bolton at Home and many other orginsations.

We have some litter picking equipment used by our team or lent out to other community groups wanting to clean up their areas.

We work in partnership with the probation service. Offenders come to us on a community service order to work on our community projects. Our volunteers have spent thousands of hours supervising people on Community Service court orders. People can be working with a large team or individual people. Our volunteers get a chance to get to know each individual. We have had some individual people for up to 300 hours on community Service orders. It is an opportunity and time to talk to each individual person and offer other help and support. We have a welfare rights team that can offer benefits advice and support. We run an emergency food bank and a furniture bank. It gives us a real chance to help people turn their lives around.
This community project can help create fulltime employment.

If you would like to donate tools or any equipment or anything else, please give us a call on 07900535403